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Artsen Zonder Grenzen - Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Officer - Alterjob
Artsen Zonder Grenzen
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance in more than 60 countries to populations in distress, to victims of natural or manmade disasters and to victims of armed conflicts, without discrimination and irrespective of religion, creed or political affiliation.
Deel 1 - Beschrijving van de functie
You have experience in Internal control and Audit? You love training and are not afraid to be in the field? The position of Field Resources Risks and Internal Control Officer at MSF might be for you!

Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Officer (m/f/x) - Southern Africa Region and Sierra Leone


The mission of the Finance Department of MSF Operational Center Brussels (OCB) is to ensure an efficient use of resources in the pursuit of the objectives of the Organization. It plays a key role in regard to accountability, control and transparency.

Within the Finance Department, the Field resources risk & internal control Unit is responsible for the quality, coherence and analysis of the financial information. It is a unit which participates actively in the creation, diffusion and development of the Field Resources Risk and Internal Controls at different levels of the Organization (HQ & Field). Among others, this unit is in charge of developing tools and implementing processes to achieve this objective.

The Field Resources Risk and Internal Control Risk Unit is a key element in the strategy of the Finance Department to ensure an efficient use of resources. Indeed, the unit also aims at improving resources-related risk management, providing reasonable assurance on the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal control and use of resources (funds, goods, human resources, information, reputation and time), as well as ensuring compliance with MSF standards (policies, procedures), laws, regulations and contracts. Its role is therefore not only limited to control but should also cover the promotion and implementation of actions as well as good practices aiming at improving the performance and efficiency of MSF OCB.

The Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Officer is a member of the Finance Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Unit. Under the supervision of the Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Referent, he/she is in charge of:

- Identifying risks and monitoring of the control measures implemented by the management
- Support to management into a practical implementation of controls and activities to ensure the best internal control systems of the field
- Providing important and useful information to senior management and the Associative Board regarding the management of risks and controls

The Field Resources Risk & Internal Control Officer should use existing tools such as the Internal Monitoring Tool (WeCheck), risk assessments and monitoring, audit reports (audit for institutional contracts, internal audit or external audits) to contribute producing, collecting information on risks and developing a central and macro vision of the Organisation's risk exposure related to the management of resources.

He/she should in the same time participate to the development and update of a complete system for recording, monitoring, and communicating the Organisation's Resources Risk program components.


Ensures that the projects of the region are implementing the Internal Monitoring (WeCheck) tool and are using it efficiently

Support the Field Coordinator and all managers at field level to implement the WeCheck, and use its outcomes to advise a better project management
Supervise the finance managers in the animation of WeCheck at field level
Support the follow up and implementation of corrective measures appearing in WeCheck of each project
Compile data from projects. Communicate them at regional level. Ensure that comments are done. Animate the process at coordination level. Report to the Cell and WeCheck referent at HQ with comments
Briefing of new managers for WeCheck. Support of the Finance managers in their briefing of WeCheck for the new staff in the project
Training on WeCheck when necessary
Spot incoherence, duplication and gap in the different processes described in the different departments' guidelines and procedures and communicate them to the process owner

Animate and contribute to the improvement of resources risks management

Missions risks resource management:

Ensure the resources risks assessment of the projects and region
Ensure that mitigations measures defined for the projects and mission are in place
Communicate at regional and project level on the risk resources management
Brief and ensure training on the topic

Follow up of audit recommendations:

Support the projects in the implementation of recommendations from external and internal Audit
If necessary, facilitate the audit process at projects and mission level
Liaise and share information with the Internal Audit Unit for cases that need an independent investigation

Promote the Code of Conduct for the management of resources:

Reinforce or remind the knowledge and awareness of the Code of Conduct at field level
Control that the induction of new staff is including the Code of Conduct for the management of resources.


He/she is the focal point for insurances (except HR assurances). With a direct support from Insurance referent in HQ, ensure that the strategy defined for insurance is implemented
Contact with local insurance
Ensure that sinister are reported and fully documented. Ensure the follow up with HQ referents
Ensure briefing, animation, training and sensibilization on insurance management

Decrease of cash focal point:

In close collaboration with the Regional Finance Responsible, ensure that projects are using cash when it's only possible means of payment
Propose new models to avoid using cash or moving cash inside the mission
Contact person with service providers
Follow up and support on implementation of policy decided for the projects

Anti-money laundry and anti-terrorism:

He/she is the focal point for Anti-money laundry and anti-terrorism processes
With the support from Risks resources unit and Audit department ensure that the processes defined for mitigation of Anti-money laundry and anti-terrorism related risks are respected
Ensure briefing, animation, training and sensibilization on the topic

Ensure a quality and efficient reporting of Anti-corruption process by the field

Responsible of the communication plan for the anti-corruption guideline and process
Support and facilitate the implementation of Anti-Corruption guideline and process in all projects
Briefing of all new staff on Corruption risks and way to prevent, identify, alert, report corruptions cases
Ensure trainings on anti-corruption
Ensure the communication and reporting of Corruption incidents
Follow up and support to the managers at field level that recommendations from former corruptions cases are in place
Animate the process by questioning, challenging and providing guidance on reporting
Follow up and reporting of field corruption cases
Artsen Zonder Grenzen
Plaats tewerkstelling
Brussels, Central Africa region (DRC, CAR, Burundi)
CDD 100%
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