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A development finance institution via Odgers Berndtson - CEO - Alterjob
A development finance institution via Odgers Berndtson
Partie 1 - Description
The Company

Our client is a development finance institution controlled by the Belgian government that seeks to support the private sector in developing countries by investing in local enterprises, either directly or indirectly (e.g., through financial institutions or investment funds). Its mission is to support a strong private sector in developing and emerging countries, to enable them to gain access to growth and sustainable development within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and is looking to the replace the current CEO who is retiring and leaving the position.


● The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organisation, and reports to the Board of Directors. S/he is the line manager of the company's leadership team, currently composed of the Chief Finance Officer, the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Legal Officer
● In addition, s/he is the direct supervisor of the Communication and Development & Sustainability teams, and the operational supervisor of the internal auditor
● S/he participates as a guest in all Committees and Board meetings
● S/he is the main contact for discussions with the employee representative bodies (the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work, and the union delegation)
● S/he represents the company vis-à-vis the Belgian, European and international institutions and organisations


The CEO's mission is to lead the operations of the company and to anticipate, prepare, implement and supervise its strategic developments.

Key objectives

● Lead the sustainable development of the company: As leader of the Executive Committee and leader of the company, the main objective is to maintain a cost-effective management of the day-to-day operations and to guarantee the qualitative execution of interventions in partner countries
● Financial Management: As leader of the company, the CEO must ensure the sustainability, profitability and development of the company
● Organisational leadership and communication: As People Lead, the CEO must strengthen the expertise and the human capital on a result-based management of the organisation
● Strong stakeholder management: As leader of the Executive Committee, main point of contact with the political and administrative authorities (ministry, parliament, administration, etc.) and as a leader of the company's external relations, the CEO must ensure that the company has constructive, productive and efficient relations with all parties
A development finance institution via Odgers Berndtson
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