EMES - Alterjob.be
EMES is the leading stable research network dedicated to social enterprise research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Initially focused on the European context, the network opened up in 2013 to international membership and currently has individual members in more than 35 countries. The majority of institutional members, however, are based in Europe. Since 2004, EMES has had a Coordination Unit that supports the network and its members in five main areas of activity: 1) developing research proposals and implementing research projects; 2) organizing flagship events (international conferences, PhD summer schools, and international seminars); 3) publishing the results of its activities; 4) developing training and education actions and programmes; 5) communicating about and promoting the activities of the network and its members; 6) ensuring the network's presence in policy and practice fora; 7) engaging members and partners and governing the network in a participative and transparent manner