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United Fund for Belgium
The non-profit-making organization United Fund for Belgium is one of the most renowned associations amongst the charities in Belgium. For over more than 40 years, it has been providing assistance to the most disadvantaged people everywhere in Belgium. UFB raises funds from companies, organizations and private individuals. 100% of the collected funds are entirely redistributed to local charities. United Fund for Belgium is active everywhere in Belgium to support specific projects.

UFB exclusively funds projects of a social nature everywhere in Belgium, in the 4 following areas:
- welfare and assistance to disadvantaged children
- assistance to handicapped persons (children and adults)
- fight against poverty
- social integration of people

Each year, UFB redistributes more than 700,000 EUR and supports more than 80 projects. UFB is committed to the Code of Conduct of the ?Association pour une Ethique dans la Récolte de Fonds' (AERF) as well as to Donorinfo.