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People and Culture Lead (h/f/x)
Savics Brussels Full time position
Savics is a social business with an international reach. Our mission is to provide connectivity solutions and analytical expertise to increase the impact of diagnostic technologies on individualized patient care, disease surveillance and health-care management at the global level. We work together with global institutions and national governing bodies to tackle important global health issues such as the tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis and malaria. Whether finding new ways to improve patient care, accelerate national health decisions, or solving long lasting problems, we are releasing people from suffering through our new products.
Contexte et fonction
Your Location

Brussels! This is a full time position.

Your Role

You are passionate about developing the potential of the colleagues while aligning their actions to our business needs and their realization. Along with other team members, you will listen and coach every individual. You will be in a unique position to understand what it takes to get the best out of our colleagues and ensure they feel good about working for Savics. Your role is incredibly important for us. We want all of our people to receive consistently high standards from you to increase engagement, to create opportunities for each team member, in synchronization with their desires and to keep our beloved culture alive.

Your Responsibilities

● Creating a trusted relationship with the employees
● Listening and openly coaching the employees towards self-actualization where appropriate, helping colleagues to broaden their network or identify more challenging or stretching roles or projects to support their career progression
● Knowing about the health and wellbeing of the employees and proactively offering appropriate advice and following up
● Managing recruitment process including job posting, Tests, Interviews, Contracts, etc.
● Handling employee data (Personal information, Leaves, Sickness)
● Coordinating and active participating in the onboarding, trainings and the quarterly Savics Personal Alignment (SPA) sessions
● Supporting colleagues throughout the year, through regular conversations, tracking progress against the SPA objectives and managing any performance issues
● Leading employee development initiatives
● Understanding labor law and dealing with complex issues
● Coordinating departments needs and perspectives (Board - IT - Admin) so that the recruitment process is cohesive and objective
● Building and analyzing internal surveys and implementing new perks and benefits
● Providing necessary resources to all employees so that they're able to perform their tasks successfully
● Tracking HR metrics, identifying areas of improvement in hiring and management and allocating budgets efficiently
● Organizing and following-up on company wide events (the Weekly Friday Gathering, the Jadamaté Award, the Savics Annual Gathering, etc.)
The Requirements

● Bachelor and/or master's degree in human resources/psychology or equivalent experience
● 7+ years experience in a similar position/environment
● Experience with international laws and work environment and culture
● Working knowledge of NGO
● Listener, you are also a great communicator
● You work independently and you walk the talk
● Lead by example
● Be well organized
● You endorse in full our Manifesto (
● A good permanent internet connection (SAVICS will support the monthly fees)

Your Behavior

● Empathetic with employees
● Problem solver
● Listener
● Independent
● Proactive
● Transparent
● Organized
● Ethics and Humanist Values
Conditions et contrat
Why working at Savics

● You will work in an attractive and fast moving decentralized self-managed environment. Savics is 3 years old and it grows fast (we were 12 end of last year and will be around 30 at the end of this year - We need you to hire the right guys!).
● We pay a lot of attention to our team diversity
● We are fully transparent on all aspects of our work - Everyone can access any information
● We share a common passion for human being - Read our Manifesto (
● We learn new things everyday from each other
● We love what we do and love to give our best at what we do
● We all work towards self-actualization

At Savics, you will work in an environment where humanist values are nurtured. You will be responsible for finding solutions to local and global problems and surrounded by highly entrepreneurial people. We are all happy to be part of the team and to learn every day from each other. Our goal is to make an important impact on global health.
Procédure pour postuler
Please be mindful of our Savics Manifesto ( prior applying to this position.
If your have the right profile and you are highly motivated, kindly send us your resume at .

Female applications are highly encouraged.
We look forward to work with you!
Lieu de travail
Full time position
Bachelor and/or master's degree in human resources/psychology or equivalent experience
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