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Mobile Implementation Officer (MIO) Biomed LOG (h/f/x)
Médecins Sans Frontières Ixelles CDD 100% Deadline le 04/03/2018
Médecins Sans Frontières
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) est une organisation humanitaire internationale présente dans plus de 60 pays. La cellule récolte de fonds cherche des collaborateurs.
Contexte et fonction

According with Log vision @ MSF Today, the Operational Log is a very specific and well-known force of MSF. Beyond the fulfillment of basic log needs, log is a solution-driven and innovative force that helps to build and realize operational projects.

The Raison d'être of the MIO Biomed LOG position is because MSF medical activities requires continues support of a specialized technician focused on the optimum operation of the biomedical equipment needed for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. S/he will be able to give the first line support to the field. S/he will be coordinated with the Biomedical Equipment Referents to improve and/or implement the MSF process, tools and techniques related. S/he will be proactive to evaluate and propose solutions in line to her/his technical domain.

The MIO Biomed LOG is part of the Back Office Technical Log Department under the functional supervision of the Biomedical Equipment Referents in MED and LOG department who develop and validate the core aspects related to the lifecycle n of biomedical equipment together with another MIO BioMed LOG in place, and under the hierarchical supervision of the LOG Back Office Coordinator.

The aim of the MIO Biomed LOG is to implement or improve practices in the field for an effective and efficient management, functioning and use of biomedical equipment which ensure continuity of MSF medical activities.
S/he contributes with the Biomedical Equipment Referent giving feedback of the functional status of biomedical equipment in running projects.
S/he assists the setup of Biomed in starting or running mission in terms of Human Resources, Workshop, and External Contractors according to MSF frame work.


• Provide specialized 1st line support in biomedical domain:

o To support the Log Field Team on biomedical equipment installation, maintenance and decommissioning when no local service capacity or formal MSF guidance is available.
o To support the Log Field Team on functional evaluation of Biomed setup as well as in proposing new solutions.
o To support the Med field team in the organization and contingency planning of the use of the equipment.
o To support the field to increase the abilities and capacities of the Biomed Referent and/or Biomed Technician.
o To improve and/or implement in the field the MSF protocols, tools and techniques related to biomedical equipment.
o To evaluate in the field the possibilities and advantages of intersectional biomedical collaboration.

• Provide specialized 2nd line support in biomedical domain:

o To support the Field Team on evaluation of external suppliers, maintenance contracts, local purchase and outsourced biomedical services such as Laboratory, X-ray, Medicinal Gases, among others.
o To support the Field Team to solve interdisciplinary technical problems affecting the optimal functionality of the biomedical equipment with regards infrastructural concerns, electrical or water supply, infection control matters, among others.
o Under request,, s/he may support on the design of second and third level health structures through an interdisciplinary work group (PATIO) under delegation of the Biomedical Equipment Referent

•Provide support when possible to Biomedical Equipment Referent in 3rd line support tools development, such as:

o Check-list of MSF medical services.
o Protocols for calibration and testing biomedical equipment.
o Check-list of biomedical equipment.
o Biomed technical training.
o Referential documents for management of equipment, spare parts and maintenance.
o Inventory of tools in workshop.
o External Maintenance Suppliers and Contracts.
o Job descriptions of Biomed Referent and/or Biomed Technicians in the field.
o Circuit of communication / division of responsibilities between Med and Log.

• Technical education (technician, engineer) in biomedical, electromechanical or electronics.
• Minimum 1 year experience in related position.
• Relevant work experience in health structures.
• Certificates in technical maintenance are an asset.
• Field experience in developing countries is an asset.
• Field experience with MSF is an asset.
• Experience in coaching and training of staff.
• Excellent written and oral communications skills.
• Good oral and written communication in English and French (any additional operational language is an asset).
• Ability to plan and organize in stressful environmental.
• Mobile & flexible

Personal competences

• Good analytical skills.
• Proactive and willing to propose innovative ideas and solutions rapidly.
• Ability to set priorities and organize his/her own work.
• Result, quality & service oriented.
• Good teamwork and cooperation capacity / Excellent team player.
• Adherence to our managerial values: Respect, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability, Trust, Empowerment

Technical Skills

• Ability to manage health technology for a hospital, including safety, maintenance, planning, procurement, legal and financial aspects.
• Ability to perform technical maintenance to biomedical equipment.
• Ability to follow service manual.
• Ability to compare technical specifications of health technologies.
• Ability to create and perform technical trainings.
• Ability to understand and use soft and hard technical tools.
• Good understanding of electricity and electrical safety.
• Familiar with basic medical imaging technology and with laboratory diagnostics technologies.
• Familiar with quality control aspects of diagnostic equipment.
Conditions et contrat
• 1 year “MIO contract” starting as soon as possible - full-time
• Field position: salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale - legal leaves + “recuperation” leaves
• Position based in Brussels but mainly carried out (up to 75% of the time) in the field.
• Starting date : mid-April 2018
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Technical education (technician, engineer) in biomedical, electromechanical or electronics
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