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Vigeo Eiris
Vigeo Eiris is an independent international provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and services for investors and public & private organisations. We undertake risk assessments and evaluate the level of integration of sustainability factors within the strategy and operations of organisations.
Vigeo Eiris offers a wide range of services:

- For investors: decision-making support covering all sustainable and ethical investment approaches (including ratings, databases, sector analyses, portfolio analyses, structured products, indices and more)
- For companies & organisations: supporting the integration of ESG criteria into business functions and strategic operations (including sustainable bonds, corporate ratings, CSR evaluations and more).

Vigeo Eiris methodology and rating services adhere to the highest quality standards.
With a team of more than 240 experts of 28 different nationalities, Vigeo Eiris is present in Paris, London, Boston, Brussels, Casablanca, Hong Kong, Milan, Montreal, Rabat, Santiago and Stockholm.

The Vigeo Eiris Global Network, comprising 6 exclusive research partners, is present in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Japan and Spain.

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